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Today freelance market is highly competitive and day by day competition among freelancers is increasing. It is needless to say that new inventions in information technology affect the freelance market. The main purpose of adding new things in freelance business is to provide services more efficiently with new and unique options for sellers and buyers. In order to fulfill with our customer demands, market trends Dojobsonline introduced several new features including multiple currency services, a new job search algorithm and wish list. The main purpose behind introducing these features is to facilitate Dojobsonline users with modern tools. These new features will help both buyers and freelancers greatly as they make user interface more easy and reliable. Following are the new features of Dojobsonline.

Dojobsonline Displays Different Currencies

Now Dojobsonline displays different currencies according to your location. Please note Dojobsonline operating system will display local currencies only for your reference. Jobs will be created and paid in USD. If you are going to give a custom order then local currency display will not be available. If you want to view your balance in USD, just change the currency by drop down options. Currently only three local currencies are available for users. Users from The Netherlands, Germany or France will see prices in EUR. Users from the UK will see the prices in British Pounds. And in general you will see the balance in USD. It is also important to note that exchange rates are taken from the Fixer on a daily basis. So it can be different to what you are actually charged in your own country. PayPal and credit card exchange rates may also vary.

New Search Algorithm

Freelance business is highly depended on search algorithm. If freelancers are on the top of any kind of search, chances are very high to get more jobs. Dojobsonline now introduced new search algorithm which facilitates both buyers and sellers as well. Now you can search jobs and professionals according to ranking, popularity, time, price and experience. You can place any filter or all search filters to search online freelancers. You can also filter your search with respect to delivery time. If you are in hurry then you can place the filter of delivery time 24 hours while you are searching for freelancers.

On the other hand this new search algorithm is also helpful for new freelancers. New jobs will be posted in specific category named as “New”. The newest jobs will be placed on the top of this category. This feature will help new freelancers to get jobs more quickly and easy. Lance Robinson president and CEO of Dojobsonline also announced that they will introduce some new features in search algorithm very soon.

Wish List

As any user can open universal account on Dojobsonline, so this feature is useful for both buyers and sellers. Sellers are able to save their favorite jobs and freelancers whom they want to work later
and vice versa. With this feature you don’t need to search sellers again and again. Just save them into your wish list for re-ordering purpose.


Hope you will like our new features. Your feedback and recommendations are precious for us.


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