How to Write Effective Bids for New Freelance Jobs

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Now numerous types of freelancing websites are providing services to freelancer and buyers. On these kinds of websites there are countless freelancers that have not won any single job, despite of all their sincere efforts and bidding on too many projects. Mostly freelancers think that they don’t have expertise in their field, but the truth lies here, they don’t know how to make a bid that can convince buyers. You can’t compete with experienced seller and too many bidders from third world country. As they know how to grab all the attentions of sellers by offering more than asked. Many potential freelancers waste their precious time in preparing proposals and bidding randomly. For effective bidding you must have an idea about others, what they are doing, how much they are asking for that particular job and some other essential things that make your bid outstanding. As it is mentioned above that you can’t beat experienced sellers and freelancer from third world country, so you need to bid wisely. In below lines I will discuss some basic tips to make your bid effective. Although there is a continuous change in freelance business model and sellers are not bidding on jobs anymore, still you need to learn how to bid on projects because companies tend to use these kind of websites where bidding is only way to get jobs. Below are some tips for bidding on jobs.

Selection of Projects for Bid

In the starting days of your career, never bid on big freelance jobs. Always remember that employers who are going to pay more always like to have more guarantees from freelancers, including a sound portfolio and a past track record. So according to my experience don’t waste your time on preparing proposals for big online freelance jobs, you should have your time to go for those too when you established your freelance business.

Low Price Projects Will Gives you More Work

A job with low price doesn’t always means that you have to do less work, the chances are high that because of these low cost projects you will find big projects in future from same clients. Normally clients with low budget turn into well-paying clients when they realized the efforts you are putting into their projects.

Do Bids with Full Heart

Employers always try to hire freelancers who are willing to do his job with great passion, so always show your passion to work with them even after the completion of job. For successful online career you need to do bids with full heart regardless of that how much you will earn from job.

Politeness and Natural

Be polite and natural in your bid message. Style of bid’s message always matter. No one likes an automated style. This will give an impression to clients that this job is less important. To get freelance online jobs politeness and natural style is as necessary as blood in veins. . As a personal and natural message looks more like it is written only for them.

Don’t Try to Bid First Without Reading Carefully

Many new freelancers are in hurry to bid on projects and get jobs. But the reality is that as a freelancer you are running your own business and it will take time to earn steady income. Before bidding on any online freelance job, always read the entire description and attachment top to bottom carefully. Because you read it carefully it will give its result in your bid message without any extra effort.


This tip is especially for those freelancers who get interactions but they are not hired for the projects. The problem exists in their questions. Sometimes they ask too much questions and sometimes freelancers ask questions less than needed. You need to build the skill of questioning. Always ask sensible and relevant questions in your message. Never ask too many general questions, always stand within the scope and nature of job. The best way to make buyer realize that you read his requirements carefully and serious about doing the project is that always ask serious and project specific question. Show your intentions and prove your knowledge on the domain.

Place the Amount of Bid in the Bottom of Proposal

It is good to place the bid amount in the end of proposal, in your proposal, first give your brief introduction then a plan how you will complete the job and tool that you will use then in the end place the bid amount. This is not always true for big projects but it is best practice for bidding on small jobs.

Learn More

Freelancers need to learn more and more. In bidding process it is necessary to learn from your failure. This is the key of getting online freelance jobs. Whenever you lose the bid it is recommended that don’t lose the lesson on why you lose it. Try to read the message and proposal of winner if available but mostly not, in this case you can view the winner profile and can compare with your profile.

Attractive Portfolio

A good bid also required a great and convincing profile; you need to update your portfolio regularly. Include each and everything that can help you to land projects. If you are not wining projects then you need to review your profile and portfolio including your message style. Always try something new to get more freelance jobs.

Sympathy from Clients

Many freelancers especially freelancers from developing countries try to get sympathy of buyer. They try to tell buyers that how needy they are. Remember buyers are there to get there work done. So show them professionalism.

Hopefully these tips will help you a lot to land new projects, in the end line I must say that do not lose heart, keep on trying and remember “slow but steady still wins the race”. I am looking forward for your precious contribution to this discussion.

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