26 Killing Techniques to Get More Freelance Jobs

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Freelance business models are totally changed these days, as bidding system is replaced with listing jobs offers usually known as gigs. Bidding system is full of complexities for sellers as they have to bid and wait for selection. If they are selected for interview then employers tend to bargain with sellers and mostly all efforts of seller go in vain because employer wants to pay very low amount for their job. Bidding system of freelance business also includes difficulties for buyers, as for any job they need to prepare a formal job description which elaborates all work included in job. Then they need to review and analyze a long list of bidders for pre-selection, while conducting interviews and negotiation is also crucial parts of freelance business. To overcome all these problems, both for sellers and buyers a new freelance business structure is introduced that enable both buyers and sellers to do online freelance business very easily. In this freelance business models, sellers need to list jobs which exactly elaborates their skills and expertise, job rate can be fixed by sellers and they can also negotiate with clients but generally sellers offer a very reasonable price for their job, time to deliver the job is also mentioned in their job listing and they are bound to complete and deliver the job within given time. If they fail to complete the job buyers can reject to pay for job. While on the other hand this system greatly facilitate buyers as they don’t need to prepare any job description and have to post the project. They can directly select the seller by viewing their job lists. So in this system both freelancers and employers save their time and money.

No matter what kind of freelance business model you would like to use, we all know that there is great competition in online freelance business. You need to be perfect in bidding on projects and you should be great in negotiation with others, if you are using formal freelance website., on the other side of coin, freelancers are required to make a sound portfolio and gigs to get online jobs. People, especially new comers in this industry think that creating job offers (gigs) is an easy task but in reality it is most crucial part of freelancing career. You need to improve jobs list building skills continuously, regardless of your career level. For flow of online freelance jobs, you need to optimize your job lists at every level and on every platform. But remember, these kinds of jobs are part time jobs; you can’t earn your livelihood through these jobs. But some smart freelancers make it possible by their smart techniques.

In this discussion I will also elaborate some special tips and techniques to get more online jobs. These techniques are not difficult to apply but they require your full dedication and patience. If you succeeded in applying these techniques, you will find different new ways for continuous flow of online jobs. But you should be great in providing your services. If you are not expert as you described in your job listing than ultimately you will start losing potential customers for ever. So be careful in creating your job. Below are some techniques and tips that make your offer jobs awesome and you will be able to get more jobs.

  • Be Awesome

First and foremost thing for successful online career is to be awesome in delivering quality product. Clients always want quality services, but they also want to pay less as much as possible. If you are not giving that, clients will go somewhere else. There is no shortage of freelancers who can provide them quality product or services with low price. Therefore, you need to be great at what you are offering. If you are not good at satisfying client’s needs, then you need to get better before offering your services.

  • You should be Nice

Your customer support service should be very nice; you should have to make your customer believe that they are most important people in world. You should communicate quickly and charming. You need to deal them very nice regardless of that who is wrong and who is right. You should understand that customers are livelihood of your freelance career, and their negative feedbacks and reviews can ruin your career.

  • Deliver On Time

It is nature of almost all buyers that they need priority. But you can’t do that. You have to deal with many clients on the same time. You have to write the actual time in your job list so that you can deliver rendered services on time. Always set minimum two days for delivery of any job. You can choose extra fast mode for delivering services against extra charges. But it is always recommended that set delivery time according to the nature of jobs, and then try best to deliver on time.

  • Positive Feedbacks

Every new buyer will select you to order his/her job after watching reviews and feedbacks. Feedbacks are first chance to interact with customers because reviews and feedbacks explain the experience of previous clients. So get feedback from every buyer. Always ask for feedbacks and review about your work when you close the job.

  • Diversify Your Portfolio

It is also recommended to create several jobs in same category; if you make one job in one category then you may not get any views. By making more jobs in same category you will occupy more space and ultimately you will get more impressions and clicks on your jobs. You can also do cross promotion in your jobs that will help you to land clients on your other listed jobs. Cross promotion will help you to get client stay on your profile. The more visitors spending time on your job listings will result in better ranking in search algorithm.

  • Self-Promotion

Self-promotion is one of the best things you can do in freelance career. If you need continuous flow of jobs you then you can’t depends on freelance platforms only. You have several things to do outside of these freelancing portals like if you can write then write a blog and use it to promote your job. Or if you are good in video making then you can use YouTube for the promotion of your job. You can create and share some funny stuff to grab the attention of visitors. The point is that you can’t rely on online freelance jobs platform only, you need to promote yourself.

  • Guarantee

No matter how much micro jobs are small, but customers always prefer those sellers who provide money back guarantee. It is also beneficial for sellers because a mutual cancellation is much better than negative reviews and feedbacks and believe me customers appreciate that sellers won’t try to strong arm-arm them. If you are nervous with money back guarantee then please remember that, if your client gets cranky and complains about it, freelance jobs websites will prefer to cancel your order. Therefore, money back guarantee is an essential part of awesome and convincing job offers.

  • Matchy Jobs

Always write your offer in the way that where your title matches with description and tags. You should use same keywords in tittle and description and in tags. Use only those keywords that are relevant to your category. Your title and description must be very unique and attractive. Usually freelancers get online jobs because of their title and description.

  • Never Publish Half-finished Offer

Freelancers who are in hurry to get online freelance jobs must understand that, you will never get any job from any half-finished job lists. Never write a title and short description and upload a photo and publish it as your offer. It will give negative impression to visitors. Always publish those offers that are ready to attract buyers and can compel them to buy your product or services. You need to write attractive and unique content about your services, select couple of photos, and create banners, record video, pick your tags, and settle on your extras ahead of time so that when you publish the job offer you’ll hit the ground running.

  • Title is Every Thing

You may know that in digital marketing it is saying that content is king. In meaningful job offers title is everything. Title is first thing visitor see and read. You must have to learn how title can boost your sale. To understand how to make effective titles, you need to visit your relevant category and analyze as much top rated seller as you can. While visiting their profiles you have to notice their content strategy. You should note keywords used in their titles and description and have to use them in your job offer. Your title shall describe the whole message of your offer and the message you want to convey. More importantly your title must give the clear understanding of your offered services because in these kinds of jobs portal buyer search for seller by putting keywords in search bar. So be careful and realistic in writing your job title.

  • Great and Convincing Description

Your Job offer (gig) description can also help clients to understand your skills and expertise. Do the same for the description that you did for the title. You should use these words and sense that appears in successful freelancers offers. They all are not providing same services but they use similar method of Meta analyzing.

  • Bullets and Paragraphs

Do proper formatting of your job offers, use effective paragraphing schemes in description. Usually people like lists, because it is easy to understand everything step by step. That is a reason successful sellers create small blocks of text that focus on one thing at a time. So your description formatting should be easy to understand. You can use lists and bullets points in description.

  • Use Every Option

Every option in creating job offers is for some reasons. You need to understand the reasons behind available option. For successful offers you are supposed to fill every option. Normally freelancing website give many options to online freelancers like uploading of banner, uploading of videos and PDF files etc. Just add everything in your offer because the more relevant stuff you add in your offer, the more complete it will look, and in turn the more likely your buyer is to get an accurate picture of what you can do for him or her.

  • Advertisement

You should have to run ad campaigns outside the freelancing websites. Set your budget, even $5 for a month but it is necessary to advertise your offers on different plat forms. Write a beautiful ad for your job offers and advertise it on different platforms. It may not give you any jobs but it will produce a lot clicks and impressions for your offer. Don’t use massive keywords in your paid ads campaigns; use only most relevant and top ranked keywords only. People who are serious in doing online jobs very often use this trick to get high rank in searches for new offers.

  • Optimize Gigs on Social Media

Now as social media revolution has changed the mode of digital marketing, social media websites are now biggest source of generating traffic. If you optimize your offers on social media platform you will receive mostly potential visitors who really want to buy something from you. Trust me: people will want to know who you are, and they will troll your profile to learn more. But it doesn’t means that you have to spend most of your time in optimization your offer on social media. You just need to create some accounts on most famous websites and join relevant groups, pages and peoples. Be active in discussions, and asking questions and answering to the questions you have expertise in. Share your offers as much as you can. You will be amazed to see the results.

  • Join Online Forums

Along with social media you are supposed to join different forums relevant to your work. By joining and visiting these forums you will keep yourself updated with modern technology and inventions in your field. If you are serious about online freelance jobs then it is equally important for you to visit this website regularly as you open your job offer daily to see if there is any new order. On the subject of online forums, it is not necessary that someone or all agree with your point of view. People will always say stuff you don’t like and against rules, don’t leave the forums posting or participation for this reason. Remain an active personality on forums.

  • No Sale at All

If you are not getting any sales, there are several reasons for that for example, if you are not getting enough views then there is problem in your job offer title, you need to re-write the title. If you are getting more than enough views but no job, then the problem exists in your description. Try to make it better. Add video and some extra material in your description. But if everything from title to bottom lines of description is right and you get interactions but no job then there will be problem in your commination. Try to find where you are wrong then make corrections for them. Doing jobs online is not an easy task, it involve a complete set of expertise as you have just like needed to run your small business.

  • Always Complete Your Profile

It is recommended that you complete your profile to give the impression that you can be trusted for job. Customers will read your profile deeply, then they will contact with you. Speaking as customers, it makes us feel more confident about working with a seller who has 100% complete profile. So to get more jobs and views it is important to complete your profile.

  • Never Work for Free

If you are new in freelance jobs industry, you need to get jobs done for building your profile and feedbacks and reviews. At this stage you may receive many offers to low your price for your job and buyer will give you a good feedback, trust me, it ruins your efforts. These kinds of buyers are usually resellers and they don’t give you anything at all. When someone asks for free work, according to my point of view, refer them back to your job offer who demonstrates the work you do. If they can’t make a decision based on that information, then there’s nothing else I can do to help them.

  • Package Deals

How much do you want to earn from freelance jobs? How much you will earn from online jobs depends on you and your category of work. If there is high competition in your selected category, then it may push to you to down your price and customer expectation up. So you need to adjust yourself accordingly. You can offer different package deals in your offers to attract visitors. How much you can earn also depends on your expertise. Remember, that customers are willing to pay higher prices for sellers with higher reviews. Build a strong portfolio of positive reviews and your ability to charge higher prices will rise accordingly. But for new comers offering different packages will be helpful for steady growth.

  • Don’t Copy

I mentioned it above, but it’s worth saying again, if you are in hurry to create offer and start selling, never copy other seller’s offers. Don’t do it, don’t copy. Copying other’s offer is bad, not only dishonest, whenever original seller find it and they will find out, they will report you to portal management and your account will be immediately suspended. There is another negative effect of copying other offers is that you can’t provide exact same quality services as the original seller can. Therefore, your services can’t match with your jobs and it will lead you to losing clients and taking negative feedbacks.

  • Change is Always Good

Usually freelancing websites search and ranking system works very well, so if you don’t get any orders, definitely there will be some mistakes or errors in your offers. You need to check them all. You may need to adjust the title, description, banner or anything you had put in your offer. Try new things, and when you see what works, try same thing on other offers. Change is always good in job offer management. Usually an offer must be changed or update after a month, because it will help you to get more impressions and clicks.

  • Argue but Don’t Fight With Support

It is very common in every type of freelance online jobs to take help from respective customer support. You may have to handle several account problems and there may be something wrong in your offer. Or some other awful things will happen that can be fixed by customer support only. Normally chances are high that customer support service will resolve your problem. But chances are also good that the customer support representative doesn’t want to deal with you. Those people are life-line of freelance business, so show them respect, you can give arguments but you are not supposed to fight with them.

  • Go To Bed & Sleep Well

While doing online jobs you may realize that every customer is in hurry. They love getting their orders really fast. But successful freelancers believe that customers love getting awesome offers rather than getting their job done fast. If you are tired and want some sleep than go to bed and sleep well, because if you prefer jobs on rest than it will ultimately affects your quality and your work will suffer a lot. Don’t produce bad work in the name of fast delivery. In this situation you are going to lose potential customers and might receive negative reviews and feedbacks. So always respect your limits and remember that there is a time to work, and then there is a time to sleep.

  • Buyer Don’t Think Twice

If your livelihood depends on freelance jobs, then you need to understand that buyer don’t think twice about returning your delivered order for further adjustments and revisions or they also never think more about asking for more services than you originally offered in offer. So it is important to complete the jobs successfully to work more than you agree or produce something better that you offered. On the same lines you should be ready for adjustments and revisions. You can reduce the chances of adjustments and revisions by taking information as much as you can. Practically speaking, it will produce results in a better product and a happier customer, and those are both good for me.

  • Your Pricing till You gets 50-100 Reviews

You may find massive amount of such type of content where people and experienced freelancers try to share their experience that how they establish their freelance business and they will give you brief notes for getting freelance micro jobs but they will never reveal that what was their pricing strategy in early days of their freelance career. Now here it is. Positive reviews are pure gold for online freelancers, but a good way of establishing your freelance business is to establish a great portfolio of 50-100 positive reviews. In early days of your freelancer career it is very very very important to sale killer offers on very low price but not less than $5. This is practically going to be charity, but doing this will collect a record of positive reviews, and this gives new buyer’s confidence and helps them trust you. Once you have established that, the only thing you have to do is to change your price. Increase your offer price gradually. Like for first 50 positive reviews offer an awesome job for $5 and for next 50 jobs you can offer your services for $8 and after this you can charge amount what you actually deserve. Don’t fool yourself by working on low price jobs.

These are the tips and tricks that will lead you to a successful online career. The only thing you should keep while implementing these techniques is patience. You need to understand that when you join any freelancing web portal, you are jumping in high competition where competitors from every corner of world are trying to make more and more money. Therefore, don’t get frustrated with the amount of time you need to earn a reasonable income. Trust me if you succeeded in earning reasonable income then very soon you will earn easily more than your expectations

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