How to Increase Your Freelance Jobs Rates

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Fixing your services charges rates can be a sticky subject for freelancers, but it is key element in any contractor –freelancer relationship. You energy, knowledge and expertise are valuable, but placing the right price tag on them is never quite as easy as it might seem. Charging rates that actually match your experience and skill level play vital role in successful freelance business.

Many freelancers’ especially new startups struggle with their price strategy. Very often they stick with a question that how they avoid charging too little or too high for work. What are best and most suitable ways to increase your rates over time without losing new or existing clients? Here are some tips that will help you avoid or adjust your learning curve.

You Should Know What Mistakes to Avoid

Every new job and new client is an opportunity to take important decisions about your rates that can have a great impact on your financial conditions. Unfortunately, finding the confidence to negotiate rates is something that almost all online freelancers struggle with.

Every new client is an opportunity to make important decisions about your rates that can have a lasting impact on your financial stability. Unfortunately, finding the confidence to negotiate competitive rates is something many freelancers struggle with. Online freelancers must have to look at some of the more common stumbling blocks that can lead freelancers to underestimate the value of your work. Let have some discussion about how freelancers can determine what your contribution is worth and weigh the many considerations that can affect your calculation.

Changing the Mentality

To be successful in freelance business you must have to look beyond the 9-5 mentality. It is very easy to start an online freelance business with employee mind set if that’s what you are familiar with. As in freelance business you are the boss of yourself, you have many other considerations to account for such as taxes, operating expenses and other administrative tasks that shall be completed on top of your client commitments. You should consider all these facts while you are setting your rates.

Level-Up Your Skills

It is common practice of experienced freelancer, when they set their rates they consider a factor of flexibility. They set their working rates that give them flexibility to level-up their skills. If they charge too little amount for their services they will find themselves in a situation of a full tight schedule and little time left to improve your skills or gain new ones. Ideally, leave time available to take online courses, read books, and add knowledge that could increase your value to your clients. You have to take this factor in account when setting your rates.


As online freelancer you have to consider different assumption while setting your rates. You know that not everyone has the same skill level or expertise, and the knowledge you bring to the table has value beyond billable hours. So it is always better to consider assumption again and again as you get experienced and more professional.

Never Work for Free

You must have to focus on delivering quality services to include your name in the list of trustable online freelancers. Offering too much low price or work for free can send the wrong message about what your time is worth and ultimately you’re going to devalue your offered services. It is better to focus on finding ways to provide value.

Increase Your Pay Rates Thoughtfully

It is nature of human beings that we can’t be satisfied with what we received. In the case of freelance business even when you have set a rate you are comfortable with, over the time you will find moments where it seems good to increase your rates. This is not an easy decision as it looks like. Successful online freelancers thought that if they increase their rates, how it can affect the degree of success and relationships you have with clients. So always increase your pay rate thought fully.

More Specialized Services

If you are all-rounder but not specialized in any particular field then there is rare chance to get highly paid jobs. By avoiding general work and specializing in a specific area your target client base needs help with, you can make yourself more appealing and put yourself in a better position to charge more.

Offer Packages

Instead of offering your services one by one if you offer different packages of your services you will find many clients may be willing to pay more for higher-end services.


Be flexible and willing to negotiate. Even if a client is reluctant to pay a higher rate, they may be willing to negotiate and still leave you with a better rate. Learning to negotiate well is another useful skill to cultivate.

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