Reasons behind Hiring Freelancer Programmers

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During the last 30 years the modern world has been changed dramatically. Now everyone, no matter how large and how small volume of business is can afford to run their operations using a complex network that requires programming to work at maximum efficiency. Computer systems maintenance has widen the jobs in IT. Scope of IT industry is increasing day by day. Freelancing becomes one of the biggest sources of income for IT personnel’s. If you are IT skilled person then you may not need to worry about your work. You can provide your services on your own terms. No matter if you can’t stand completing meaningless chores for people that don’t value you as much as they should? It is the right time to start your own business and all you need to start your business is to be quality services provider. It will be also a great edge for you if you have an IT degree. IT degree is not necessary to start freelancing but with an IT degree one can start a reputable freelance business that allows them to sleep, eat, and do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it. The modern development in the field of computer programming has brought a big change in human civilization. Initially computers were used only to calculate and come to a conclusion, but now the web is like a network of spider, it joins one corner of the world with another. This network changes the formal jobs customs and provides an opportunity to work independently without any sound investment. In this discussion we will discuss why people and companies hire freelance programmers.

The Cost

One of the major reasons behind hiring a freelancer programmer is saving money. Freelancers usually charge more on hourly basis than employees, but employer still save the money. As freelancer receive payment for actual time spent on development project and for their other services. Their services can discontinue at any time. Many software and other programming projects required different paid tools and software for completion. Employer also saves their money here also, due to high competition freelancers tend to provide extra services free of cost and sometimes on a very lower price. Sometime freelancer provides their own hardware and software to get jobs. Secondly they don’t receive any employment benefits which are usually expensive like health insurance or paid leaves etc.

Efficient and Need of Skilled Person

Another reason for hire a freelancer instead of hiring a casual employee is that online freelancer jobs are expected to complete more efficiently and faster as compare to others. Many companies hired a programmer for their routine work but they need special skilled professional occasionally to complete their task or to remove errors from an on-going project. When companies need someone skilled in particular thing they tend to pay more.


Simplicity is also very important factor to hire freelancer or to give project to someone working as online freelance job. Freelancing never include any traditional hazards of casual employment. It is very simple process to find someone good for you and give him your job. Freelancing websites provide guarantee to both ends. If employer is not happy with your work, he has all right to block your payments and if you work according to his demands then freelancing websites make sure that you will paid for that.

Programmers Are Always Here

Now in these days there is a very tough completion in freelancing business. Freelancers offer many interesting things to get job like they offer to contact at any time. They will be always there. They work irregular hours to compete. So in this situation employer get much better chance of pushing their project through quickly with a freelancer who may opt to work on it outside of traditional office hours such as weekends or into the night. It doesn’t mean that every freelancer will work for irregular hours or they may work all the time, of course they are human and like free time as much as everyone else.

Get Exactly Needed Expertise

Many programming projects may need numerous kinds of programmers. Hiring all of them is quite difficult and expensive. Usually employer found the right person they needed for their job. Freelancer also tend to improve their skills continuously, therefore employers find exactly needed expertise when they hire freelancer. It is also observed that many freelance programmers work in groups and they provide all kind of programming services on single platform.

Importance of Project

As you know that freelancers tend to work from project to project so employer get all the attention of freelancer for his project. Agencies tend to work with more than one client and they work on priorities basis. Your project will be on their first preference if you are paying well. But giving a project to freelancer is different. Freelancing is a business and freelancers tend to satisfy their clients for more projects so they will give importance to your project and work efficiently.

These are the main reason behind hiring a freelancer programmer instead of hiring a permanent employ. However reason can vary for every project sometimes it is suitable to hire a permanent employ. Mostly people hire freelancers because of cost difference and quality of work. Aim of this discussion was to try and dispel some of the ideas clients have about freelancers who work for themselves and operate from home offices. Hopefully this article will help you understand that why people hire freelancer programmers. If you want to add further please feel free to do so in the comment box below. Your suggestion and feedbacks are welcomed.

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