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Top Ways To Boost Your Credibility As A Freelancer

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People always inspired by freelancers and their hefty amount of earnings in dollars. But they may not be familiar with the  efforts and credibility behind their work. If you are working as a freelancer, then always look credible to get some clients and to build a good business. But the question is how to boost credibility when someone is working as a freelancer.

Step No.1: Get Certified

Always keep in mind that clients, mostly give priority to the certified person. If a freelancer comes up with proper certification on the resume, it boosts the credibility as a freelancer.
certified freelancer

The most popular certifications include Google Adwords Certification and Adobe Certified Expert.

Step No. 2: Collect Testimonials

The second most important step to boost your credibility as a freelancer is to collect and gather consumers’ opinion over a brand. Always keep in mind that you are a complete brand in the eyes of the consumers, so start building trust and credibility by collecting few testimonials.
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But the question is how to collect testimonials?

Of course, it’s not an easy task but always try to encourage your happy clients to leave some remarks or video testimonials after you complete their job or project. When you get their response in the form of testimonial, place the testimonial on your website, your social media channels or include it in your work experience.

Step No. 3: Use Social-Reviews
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Almost ninety percent of the people trust viva voice or word of mouth as recommendations from the people they are familiar with. To boost your credibility, you need to connect your testimonials to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and other social media channels.

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