Tips to Complete Creative Writing Jobs

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If you are creative writer and doing freelance jobs to earn your livelihood than you may suffer with distraction problems several times during your working hours and it always cause to losing your creativity. Almost all successful creative writers started creative writing freelance projects with great excitement and they try to be excited and creative till the end lines. In this blog we will discuss how to keep the momentum going and continue to enjoy the creative writing process. You can follow these tips for high creativity, fun and success.

Inspiring Environment

To maintain the momentum of creativity, create a place that calls you to write, consider different things for creative environment such as lights, colors, sounds, taste, scents and writing material.

Follow The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way is highly recommended Julia Cameron’s book. It greatly helps you to be focused, observant, playful and creative and it also keeps you believing that you are writer.

Choose Projects in Joyful Way

Choose Projects in Joyful WayAlways choose the project, come from your heart-not your head. Always be playful and creative about how you choose your freelance writing projects.

Ideal End

Professional creative writers always make a creative representation of project’s ideal end. You have to use a very effective creative medium other than writing to represent the completed projects. Consider, how you feel when project is done. Place your model in prominent place. Use this to trigger the desired feeling, before the completion-every day!

Make a Timeline with Celebration Points

Make it visually appealing. Have a step-by-step outline and celebrate creatively as you complete each step.

Create an R&D Team

This is very useful approach to maintain the momentum of creativity. Contact your friends, colleagues and readers, invite them to join your team. Send them your writing material and question that you have about the process or anything else. You want input on—on a regular basis and your R&D tem input will keep you going.

Keep Creating & Editing Times Separate

If you edit while you write, the process can become boring. Clearly block a specific amount of time for editing into your schedule. Don’t let it interfere with your creative writing time!

Shake Things Up!Shake Things Up!

Whenever you blocked do something unusual, fun, active! Get your mind somewhere else from the work and move your body. Your creative side will work in your subconscious while you’re at play. Read the tips in The Artist’s Way. There are also many resources on the internet for handling writers’ block

Have a Fan Club

Critics and editors are fine, but have a few friends or family members who you can ask to cheer you on or cheer you up, no matter what you write. Hire a Creativity Coach to keep you focused and to be an unbiased supporter of your creative success!

 Celebrate in a big way!

When you reach the big finish, give it a big finish! Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but have never done before. Make the finish so memorable that you’ll be eager to begin your next creative writing project!

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