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During the last two decades the internet took over almost every aspect of life in developing nations. Countless peoples are now accustomed to join online schools and colleges, even many universities are offering degree through distance education every year. This new usage of internet picks the globalization on its peak and un-doubtfully, exploring the new ways of globalization. As a result of this modern globalization a new way of making money is also discovered and widely adopted. The demand for online freelance jobs has grown enormously and people of developing countries are finding more ways to earn money through internet. Working from home was considered the golden goal of workers, but it was the old days when it seems impossible to do jobs from your home, nowadays, there are many jobs that can be done online. Furthermore, people are still finding new ways of earning money online using wealthy information on World Wide Web. Most interestingly, working from homes has lessened the cost. Employees work from home is more cost effective for companies, and this is an indicator that home-based employees might soon be considered more desirable and valuable than regular office based staff.

 Working remotely is becoming one of the most desirable ways to make extra money in past decades. Numerous freelancing websites are now offering countless types of jobs like proof reading and creative writing, graphic designing. Web development, customer support services, painting, audio/video transcription, preparing of financial statements jobs and  they all can be done from home. There is no need to tackle the hassles involving in a regular office job or corporate job. You don’t have to deal the irritating rushy traffic hours, no need to bear the pressure of your senior management and most amazingly no need to bind with a specific amount of salary you will get each month. If You want to earn extra money with your office job, then freelancing will be the most appropriate choice for you. Although in all developing nations freelancing is adopted as a full time job but still there are lots of opportunities for you if you are willing to do part time online jobs. If you want to become a freelancer, below is some general guidelines and procedures applied by the majority of successful online job portals, by following these guidelines you may be also one of those who are making some extra money by doing small and cheap online jobs.

Register With Some Reputable Freelancer’s Websites

The first and foremost thing you have to do is research, you have to find some reputable forums and then also have to do some research on these forums by  reading reviews and terms and conditions. You have to check the background  of your choice and if you can than have to interact with some experienced members of the same category to discuss the scope of your work on particular selected online job website. The majority of the online web portals is offering almost every category for working online. You have to find the right one who is just growing and establishing in this industry, if you register with establishing forums it will help you to get projects in your early career, while on big forums you may require continuous efforts following by a strong portfolio.

Verification Of Required Documents

After registering with some online job forums you have to provide some documents to prove your identity, usually they take 24-48  hours for verification after uploading your identity. You have to wait for the completion of the verification process, after that if you have credentials regarding to your experience, upload them, and if it is possible try to verify all credentials, it will also greatly helpful for you.

Try To Achieve Top Level of Skill Test Certifications

Many freelancing websites have skill tests for freelancer’s where they can show how much they are expert in their field, these tests are conducted online and usually carried multiple choice questions. Your score will show the level of your expertise in your skills. This gives a good reflection of  your expertise to employers, because the score you achieve in those tests will appear in your profile. Don’t worry about these tests because you can improve your performance by attempting these tests again and again after a specific period of time. Below are some examples of basic tests that are generally passed by almost every successful freelancer. English Basic Skills, Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Computer Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Analytical Skills, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Job applicationsapplication

Once you have completed all the initial requirements of identification and credentials, now it’s time to send your job applications. You have to bear in mind that the client will not only rely on your good profile or skill tests to decide that you are perfect for their job even you may not short listed. A general rule “First Impression Last” is applied when you are applying to jobs. Submit your online job application with, very professional and personalized cover letter. This will show, you read the client’s job down to the bottom of the page. You are not prohibited to step up your game to increase your chances to advance to the next level.

Prepare for Interview

If you are selected for interview try your best to impress the client, you shall know each and everything about the job, be ready to answer the every possible question about the job, present your proposal in a most convincing way. Although there are several online freelancer portals who don’t need any kind of proposal and interview for the job, just register yourself and make your profile effective and convincing, clients just see your profile and if they satisfied with you they will give you a job,  these types of portals are usually for little task and cheap  freelance online jobs. But if you are established once, then it may be a good source of extra income.

Always Deliver A Stellar ServiceAlways Deliver A Stellar Service

For new  and non experienced freelancers, it might be difficult to get hired because most clients are tending to hire someone experienced and freelancer at expert level. The starting fees also may be lower as compared to expert or experienced freelancers. It is not easy to get a first job so the moment you get your first job celebrate for a bit and then back to your work with full attention and provide stellar service. Bear in mind that a satisfied client means more clients and continuous flow of the project.

Continuous learning

As a freelancer there is no restriction on your field, you can do more than one project at the same time like a graphic designing project and some translation projects at a time. So continuous learning is very important in freelancing, this will equip you for big projects. Improved skill result in greater output, and it will lead you to continuous flow of projects. Moreover, there is an ever changing technology around the globe, familiar with updated technologies also help you in hiring process.

Presentation & Communication  Skills

You must have good presentation and communication skills. The thing that matters in the early days of being a freelancer is presentation of yourself. It depends on you that how you present yourself for hiring. Your cover letter shows your skills perfectly, so excellent presentation skill  can be backbone of a freelancing career while good communication skills are also playing a vital role in getting online freelance jobs. You can place a link of your video in proposals and this will show that the applicant has a keen interest in job.

Many people dream that freelancing is as easy as a walk in the park, you need a lot of patience and great determination. But just like countless freelancer who are earning good working from homes you can be one of them if you really work hard and enough patience to get it.

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