Key Points You shall Consider While Starting Career As Freelancer

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Employment opportunities surrounded on the Internet on freelancing websites that exactly pair matching employer and employees eager to make money.

The employer usually search freelancers online and employ them, i.e. if any employer search freelancer on any any search engine numerous freelancing website will show up there and they have different infrastructure to be an employer or a freelancer. Some of the most famous websites are Up work, people per hour, ScriptLance Rent-a-Coder, etc. Getting projects as a freelancer is a competitive process of continuously trying and sometimes it becomes crucial. The common thought of finding a freelancer involves forceful portfolio and reasonable price. People who just start freelancing have to make extra efforts for their initial projects because they have to build an effective portfolio with good feedback, but once you have done, freelancing becomes a good source of income without any restrictions which are imposed in any office. But getting jobs as a freelancer is not an easier task because you have to compete whole word almost, you have to manage your bids and portfolio in a very nice way that attract buyers and then if you get any project you have to provide the excellent services for your employer to get good feedback and this is an ongoing process. Some negative feedback can ruin your all efforts, but still freelancing is getting more famous all over the globe. Buyer also like to hire freelancer because they don’t have to manage someone in their working place and don’t need to keep eye on employee to complete the jobs, at freelancing websites they have different choices if there is a dispute with the freelancer regarding the quality and quantity of work. However, if you’re going to start freelancing as a your career then you must have to consider many points while taking decision whether you should do freelancing or have to be a regular employee. Hopefully these points help you a lot in taking decision.

Time And Space

The first and foremost advantage of freelancing is that it is time free job, it doesn’t require any specific timing as all offices must have formal working hours and you are bound to sit in your seat. You can choose any time according to as per your own convenience. Freelancing will give you full freedom of time and space as well. You are the only one who can decide when and where to work. No one can impose restrictions on you about your work.

Variety Of Work

If you have such a temperament that you can’t work on a designated post not more than a specific period of time than you are not the person who can find the right place in formal organization for the whole. In this case you have great opportunities in this era to earn your livelihood by freelance jobs. You can choose a variety of work to earn. You can be writer, designer, web developer and many at the same time. The bottom line is that you are not going to stick on particular works. You have freedom and a lot of exposure while doing freelance jobs online.

No Fixed Salary

Freelancing is your own business, you can charge whatever you want or deserve, however, it is also a debatable subject but still freelancer’s have an upper edge in this case. There is no fixed salary that you will receive at the end of the month. Starting career in this kind of jobs may produce lower earning but once you build your profile, you are the man who decides how much you charge. Very often well experienced freelancer choose their own hourly rates, in this case you have a chance to earn much more than a regular job. It’s up to you how many client you can handle at the same time and how you manage to do quality works.

Choice to Work With Whom

As many other positive aspects, there is a choice to work with whom you are willing is another great aspect of working online freelance jobs. Nobody can force you to deal with those you don’t like. You have all the rights to drop the clients and projects, just drop them and find others, unlike in the regular jobs where your employer or bosses can force you to work for a client. If you are experienced and professional in your work it is easier to find more and more clients.

No Risk And No Catering With Anyone

There is no catering in any kind of freelancing. You are the only boss of yourself, you have to choose where to work, when to work, how to work. No one can force you how to work like a regular boss in formal jobs. It’s totally up to you to select working style, time, manner and many other things, moreover, there is no risk of getting jobless from a job that you got after a great struggle. You will never tie down with a single employer, and no one can technically hire/fire you.

Lesser Taxes

It is quite possible as a freelancer. You probably pay lower income taxes as compared to regular employees. It doesn’t matter you aren’t earning a regular salary. It is also your own choice to pay tax. Like there is no federal duty in any country on freelancing. There will no deduction in your earning as income tax. You have to decide your income on which you are willing to pay the tax.

All above were the key points that support your decision to become a freelancer, but as everything in this world has both negative and positive aspects freelancing have some negative aspects which are also valid arguments who can compel you to change your decision while starting your career as freelancer. Everyone takes these both kind of aspects differently accordingly to his/her own choice and personality, but the thing is that before starting your career it is important to know both sides of that opportunity, therefore some key cons are described below.

No Guarantee

If you are doing a regular job you will get fixed amount every month and it will be clientele, reliable and also a guaranteed work. However, if you are a freelancer it is quite difficult to find a client on over  to continue work. It is also possible you may find five to seven clients at once and doing work 24×7 to complete their jobs and fulfillment of all their requirements. You can never neglect the chance of being free or jobless for several weeks, even many times when someone starts his career as a freelancer, he may find no client over the months and have to try continuously for some clients. Many of newcomer leave this way of earning livelihood because they fed up soon with applying for freelance jobs. So must keep patience in freelancing.


As it is discussed in the above paragraph that there is no guarantee of the fixed salary, you will be paid when you find a project and complete it with all its aspects. On the other side if you are working with some regular company you will get salary each month, even if the company is suffering loss. Your Monthly salary is guaranteed. And as a freelancer no works, simply means no money. And keep this in mind that you will not always paid according to your demands, there may be a delay in payment, clients may pay lesser, may not pay at all. In this situation without any other source of income it is difficult to meet the expenses. This is very strong and valid argument people are giving now who are against freelancing.

 No Help From Anyone

Freelancing means being your own boss, and you are doing your own business which is not always profitable, you have to make extra efforts to develop your business. If your working line has lesser scope and low demanding than working with financial uncertainty become more difficult and may be worse. In this case you have no one who can help you or guide you else different kind forums where freelancer’s use to discuss their problems. It’s very rare you have immediately senior  colleagues to help you, you may experience a loss of corporate identity.

Single Handed Mangement

As in above lines that you are the only one to do all things, there will be no accounting department/HR/sales or project management to help out. If you are an expert in your working line, but still you need assistance in marketing,accounting, taxation,or someone for negotiation with clients. You can’t afford all of them or some of them till you gain good growth in the freelance business, due to the high level of uncertainty it is difficult to hire employees and pay them regularly. So all you do will be single handed management.

Imbalance Life

Undisputedly there is full freedom in freelancing like style and time of work,but very often freelancing lead you to imbalance between your professional and personal life. Due to distraction by household chores, you will face shortage of time to manage all the things perfectly, even you are working with a team of freelancer’s you may drop immediately if your work is sloppy.

No Growth-Less Value

On regular jobs, there will be more chances to grow, progress and learning. The freelancer must have to work according to their client, they will work exactly same the  client is willing there will be no remarkable knowledge. Freelancers never own the work, they never have long term values, even many freelancer’s did a great job, but they can’t own their own creative opinion.

After reading the important aspects of freelancing, the choice is your’s. If we compare the trend of graduates, then the study reveals that more students preferred freelance jobs as their career. No Doubt modern age has its own effect on the economy. As  people are preferring freelancing instead of a job, we can see that the employers also have the same trend to hire temporary employee instead of regular employees.

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