How Designing Contests Can Help You to Grow Freelance Business

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Contests of designers have rapidly gained popularity over the few years. After all, with the emergence of the high number of freelancing websites, it become easier than ever before for employers to arrange the designing contests online. The concept of designing contests is very simple, employers, who know as hosts, post a certain designing work on freelancing websites. They invite hundreds or thousands of online freelance designers to submit their work in an attempt to win prize money. Employers provide rules and regulation for the contests and freelancers should have to follow those rules. Many designer and especially new in designing field often wonder why they should participate in such designing contests. In this blog I will elaborate some good reasons why designers should actively participate in contests.

Contests Increase Your Ranking ranking

Active participation in contests of logo designing, graphic designing and web designing can boost designer skill ranking. In fact, when an online freelance graphic designer wins a contest, his skill ranking will automatically boosted. High skill ranking provide better visibility as wining designer’s profiles are displayed ahead of others because of their improved skill ranking. More visibility and with high ranking means more chances to reach out new potential employers and continuous flow of freelance jobs.

Very Often Prize Money is More Than Jobs

Every employer who posts a contest needs to specify the contests budget and prize money before inviting the designers. As compared to casual freelance designing jobs, contests can win a freelancer quite hefty prize money. Although online designing work is quite different in nature from regular work. This is similar to a one-time job that a client needs to be done urgently most of the time. The hosts are, hence, willing to pay more.

Good Portfolio

Good portfolio is most important thing for freelancer career, freelancers with outstanding portfolio very often don’t need to bid on projects, and employers contact them by visiting their awesome portfolio.  In designing contests every designer must have to come up with unique design work to compete with others. Although chances of winning a contest are very low but still you can use your work as a sample in your portfolio. This will help you greatly in building an impressive portfolio. Always remember that portfolio in freelance career acts as a signature or trademark of online freelancers.

Contests Increase Your Creativity

In contests everyone tries to win the contest and present his/her excellent works to compete others, for this you have to do something creative and impressive. You always feel challenged to perform better every time. That’s why contests develop a deeper creative side.  creativityOnline freelancer tries to submit something better than previous to win the contest. This gives a serious boost to their creative edge and helps them become better at their work.

Employer Conduct Contests To Identify Potential Talent

Usually employers host the contests to spot the good online graphic designers to work with. Whenever you win contest, there is high chance that the same employer will hire you in future. Remember that if don’t win the contest it doesn’t mean that you will be not hired.  Many employers are watching designing contest and chances are high that your work impresses another employer. Contests are the best way to expose your designing skills in market.  Experienced and well established also participate in contests because here they can interact with new clients.

No one can guarantee that you can win contests and every designer can’t win every contest. It still has its own worth in online freelancer’s career. The five reasons that have been discussed in this article should serve as a guide and motivation for aspiring freelancer designers to participate actively in online design contests on freelance marketplaces.

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